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2019 sure was a rollercoaster

Yep a rollercoaster it certainly has been. The day after my last blog post, my operation didn't happen, it got cancelled at the last minute leaving me emotionally reeling, exhausted and upset let alone having to unpick all of the childcare plans and go back into work explaining to everyone why I was back in the office. Some people thought I had some amazing ability to recover in record time! The operation finally did happen a few weeks ago and I'm thankful to say that I seem to be now well on the way to recovery. I've got used to many and frequent body blows this year - a good friend advised me to think about Mohammed Ali every time some bad news came along - both physical and mental challenges it's felt relentless at times but I've made it to New Year's Eve still standing. And not only standing but also smiling.

I know people have mixed views about New Year's resolutions but having been reflecting over the last few days I've been thinking about what I want to do more of in 2020. I was going to make a note in my notebook but I thought writing it on here would be an even better place to start as number one is to continue to live with a more open heart. I also want to focus on getting the strength back in my leg and rebuild my fitness through yoga practice and walking. On Sunday night I could even sit cross legged at yoga, which I couldn't do a couple of weeks ago - small steps bring big changes. I want to continue my research into calm and wellbeing and am so excited to see where Calm In a Box takes me this year - it has already taught me so much. And I want to visit an antique shop and see if I can get any bargains for the house - one of my favourite calm places.

Christmas was all about the little one but since then I've also been lucky enough to have a few days of complete rest with my little girl staying at her grandparents. She comes back tonight for the new year celebrations and I can't wait. She is going to get the biggest cuddle ever.

Wishing you a happy and calm New Year x

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