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Firelight talk

One of the things I find most calming is to look into a flame whether that be some candles, or what I really love best for calm, is an open fire.  It helps me to stay present in the moment which stops my head stop racing - the thoughts slow down and any panic or anxiety subsides.

A fan of yoga, I love practising with a lit candle, particularly in twilight or darkness.  As well as the scent, I find I can cast my eyes to the flame and focus on the light when breathing.  I feel it brings positivity and a sensation of hope and warmth which really helps me rest and relax my mind and body.

The same absolutely goes for firelight and as hard as I can find meditation, when I sit staring at the fire for a while in the evening, I definitely come away with a clearer mind.

Catching up with others around some candles or a fire can also bring calm and a deeper sense of connection. I now try to increase the number of firelight talks with friends and family and find the conversations can flow that much easier which improves the quality of my relationships.

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