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Girls, girls, girls

On International Women's Day, here are some of the women that have been inspiring me...

Elizabeth Day

Writer of How to Fail and host of the podcast with the same name, Elizabeth explores stories of people's perceived failures and how they have learned from them. Powerful insights into how the darkest times can actually turn out to be the times when we really grow - your burden can really become your gift in the end.

Carrie Gracie

So much respect for this lady who put her whole career at stake and took on the might of the BBC to fight for equal pay for all of us. Her book, Equal, is a fascinating read and sadly shows that we are still a long way from women being recognised on an even footing with men in the workplace.

Holly Tucker

Nicknamed 'Hurricane Holly', she is a force to be reckoned with founding Not on the High Street and is an ardent champion of small businesses. She now leads Holly & Co and hosts the weekly podcast Conversations of Inspiration with amazing stories of small businesses who have taken on the world and succeeded.

Viv Groskop

Comedian and writer, I love her How to Own the Room podcast with interviews with successful and fearless women sharing their tips on how to stay strong, calm and confident in work and in life. I can't wait to read her new book, Lift as You Climb which has just been published.

Fearne Cotton

Needs no introduction but she inspires me so much as a champion of wellbeing and being yourself. The Happy Place podcast is a must listen for me every week and I'm looking forward to hopefully attending the festival this summer.

Love these ladies!

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