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Resilience and emotional agility has become even more important as we deal with what's happening all around us at this time as well as what's happening inside our heads in response. Everyone seems to have been affected by the crisis in their own unique way and has their own set of personal challenges to face and deal with. We are connected by the context but separated to some extent by what we are each having to deal with. We have all experienced loss but to different degrees and there's sometimes a sense of guilt around feeling that loss if it's perceived as not being as serious as what other people might be having to face up to. It's important to remember that any kind of loss, no matter how big or small, triggers feelings and emotions that need to be processed and dealt with to maintain our mental health and a positive sense of wellbeing.

The other thing I have noticed is that the crisis has potentially magnified any cracks, stresses or problems that were brewing beforehand. Challenges that we were facing already have been brought to the surface and exposed as we are all tested daily to deal with a new way of


It's so important to talk it through. Ironically, I can get anxious at the thought of talking about and sharing what's worrying me and so I have to hold on to the fact that once I do talk to the right person, I always feel so much better and lighter. I may not get an immediate answer or solution to my problem but I invariably take away something helpful from the conversation. More than that though, talking it through means I have processed what I am thinking and feeling which helps to sort it into something more manageable.

Some conversations, I'm still avoiding, but I'm definitely realising more and more that it's a practice that's key to feeling more positive and I am so grateful for my support network, the established members, as well as the lovely, sometimes unexpected, new ones.

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