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The lines don't have to be completely straight...

The pressure always seems on to get everything in order, get everything straight. At home, at work, we know we can often keep striving for perfection thinking only then can we relax and feel satisfied. Having everything nailed down - your home, your children, your career, keeping fit, eating well, doing interesting and different things - it's a lot to keep on top of. And if you ever get there it also only lasts for a second. No sooner has dinner been cooked and eaten, the kitchen tidied, then crumbs start reappearing, the fridge gets emptied and everyone's hungry again. I guess it's about the living for the experience not the outcome. Whilst we often think it's about completing our goals that will make us happy, maybe it's actually about reaching for them or just having a goal, a dream in the first place. The anxiety can set in when you wonder why you still haven't got that bit of your life sorted. But baking biscuits with my little one, it said in the recipe book - 'don't worry if the lines you cut aren't straight, home baking is not about creating perfect uniform biscuits - leave that for the conveyer belt'. Thought it was quite liberating - it's ok not to have straight lines all the time, in fact it's better. And the biscuits tasted just as good.

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