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Tuesday Inspiration - Action for Happiness

Doing some research I came across Action for Happiness which is undeniably a good title for a great cause. Their mission is to help people take action for a happier world and their patron is none other than the Dalai Lama. Encouraging people to get up to stuff to increase wellbeing for themselves, at home, at work and in the local community, there are loads of resources on the website to support this - It can all feel a bit cheesy but it also made me smile and who can really argue with wanting to help people feel happier so they can function better in the world. Feeling silly about this stuff is also the stigma that exists in our society that needs to be broken down. It's ok to have feelings and talk about stuff. It's ok not to be ok and to look for help. It's ok to take time out for yourself -whether that's a walk in the park or getting into meditation or yoga. If it makes your head feel clearer and your heart more positive we should go for it and not be ashamed. I've convinced my colleague at work to help me set up a happy café too as part of the Action for Happiness project... so watch this space! Happy Tuesday!

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