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Yes I know it's January and so everyone is thinking and doing (?) more about their diet and exercise. Definitely not bothering with dry January but I am trying to eat better - I seem to go through phases of lots of clean eating and I know I feel the benefits but then likewise I go through phases where I can happily sit and eat lots and lots of c**p.

Helpfully I have recently fallen slightly in love with Derby's new vegan cafe, Plant - yes we are finally catching up here in the (slightly) northern regions. Plant based diets have been becoming increasingly popular for some time and although I know I could never become vegan, like most people, I'm definitely on a constant quest to get more veg into my diet.

It definitely feels new and fresh - love the decor and the vibe - it looks smart but also friendly and welcoming. They also serve coffee too thankfully and alcohol so it's not purist about being healthy all of the time - it's all about balance and moderation. Planning seasonal menus that will change every few months, they are focused on ensuring a sustainable supply chain. I have gone for the Plant breakfast - and it's delicious. I know some of my more traditional friends would struggle to give up their sausage and bacon but the taste and flavour of the vegan breakfast is just as good and you get the benefits of choosing veg.

Plant are obviously also committed to building community and giving back. They are advertising a number of events including a Self Care Cafe in collaboration with Derby Rebel Projects. This is an evening meet up on Tuesday 21st Jan at 6pm where you can go along for a discussion about what self care means and share experiences and ideas.

Love it.

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