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When life gives you lemons

On a business trip to Paris yesterday on the hottest day of the year. Beautiful blue skies and very hot sunshine, I stayed inside with the air con with everyone else. Left home (and my little girl) at 5am for the 8am flight returning on the 8.30pm flight. Boarded with all the euro disneyers on time with a message from my little girl's nanny saying all was well (no heat stroke!) and then proceeded to sit on the plane on the runway for another three hours whilst we waited for huge thunderstorms taking place around London to pass so we could fly through safely.

So much stress and anxiety. It was time to try and put into practice staying calm when you know there is absolutely nothing you can do to sort out the situation. It was definitely hard but I just had to let it go. My nanny was helped out by my lovely neighbour when we were frantically exchanging text messages and her phone was running out of battery! My neighbour started what'sapping me whilst my nanny sourced a phone charger from another house further down the street. And of course she stayed until I got back :) Lovely to feel all the support around me for my little girl. So I also got reminded about how brilliant people can be when life gives you lemons. And I got a free lemonade from the air hostess too :) Still shattered today though!

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